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There’s a whole new set of rules for controlling and beating the high blood sugar trap. And to make eating right as easy as possible for you, the authors of BEAT DIABETES NATURALLY—both doctors—present a list of HUNDREDS OF COMMON FOODS.

Each one is assigned a numerical value, called the glycemic load, or GL for short.

The lower the number of a food, the less effect it has on boosting blood sugar…and the more of it you can enjoy!



A food that in a typical serving has a GL of up to 10 is considered to have a low GL. From 11 to 19 is considered a medium value, while 20 or more is high. It’s such a simple concept, proven by so much worldwide research, that you can virtually “EAT BY THE NUMBERS” and GET HEALTHY AGAIN!

Forget low-fat! You can control your blood sugar, protect your health, and even LOSE 7 TIMES MORE BELLY FAT with the simple—and delicious!—secrets in BEAT DIABETES NATURALLY!






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Intuition and even common sense can fail you when it comes to choosing foods and drinks that protect against diabetes. BEAT DIABETES NATURALLY comes to your rescue with exciting new tips, valuable discoveries, and health-protecting guidance that can have truly dramatic—and wonderful—health effects.

Among them:

Ice cream - how it can help prevent diabetes, especially if you stick to the low-fat kind.

Drink away body fat - without changing anything else! Your body will automatically replace it with good, healthy muscle!

Chocolate - hooray! It’s good for you! Dark chocolate helps improve insulin sensitivity…plus it may also lower blood pressure and cholesterol!

How to best use cinnamon, the seasoning recently discovered to provide stunning help to anyone who wants to control his or her blood sugar!

Vinegar - the inside story of another amazing blood sugar control discovery! And the incredible health bonus of using a few tablespoons a day that you’ll rejoice over.

Handy list of the glycemic load (GL) rating of hundreds of foods! You’ll see at a glance how each food affects your blood sugar—and be able to stay on track.